About YPC Sponsorship/Partnership

Young Professionals of Columbus (YPC) has benefitted greatly from the support of individuals, organizations and businesses. However, it’s not just the young professionals who benefit. Sponsors also gain access to the current tastemakers and future leaders of the community. Some tangible benefits to sponsors are:

  • Increased general awareness about their products and services
  • Stronger brand loyalty
  • An opportunity to target their messaging to a captive audience
  • A chance to influence the tastes of community influencers
  • The ability to enhance relationships with undefined and gain an insight into the preferences of undefined current/prospective customers

In order to continue serving our members and the community, we depend on continued sponsorships. Some of these opportunities are:

  • Direct financial contributions to ensure continued operations
  • Donation of products and services
  • Discounts to events, training/education, etc.
  • Volunteer support
  • Training and mentorship

If you or your organization is interested in more information about becoming a sponsor, please contact our Development Chair at development@ypcolumbus.org. We look forward to working with you!

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