Young Professionals of Columbus has leadership opportunities for all commitment levels. Committees are the perfect way to grow as a professional and gain experience in areas that may not be accessible otherwise. Your involvement can grow with you as you develop into the professional you have the potential to become. Active committee members are often nominated into board positions, which allows them to further grow as a professional in the Columbus community. Let YPC help you reach your goals, join a committee today!

Social and Cultural Committee

  • Coordinate all social and cultural events
  • Foster members’ relationships amongst other YPC members, community leaders, organizations, and businesses
  • Ensure that events also provide an additional component of professional development, education, and/or community insight

Chair: Social_cultural@ypcolumbus.org

Philanthropy Committee

  • Identify and plan all philanthropic and volunteer activities and events for the board
  • Strive to select non-profit organizations that align with YPC’s mission
  • Coordinate other philanthropic opportunities for YPC members

Chair: Philanthropy@ypcolumbus.org

Membership Committee

  • Attract and retain young professionals to the organization by promoting what YPC has to offer
  • Welcome members and guests at events
  • Answer membership related questions
  • Oversee the renewal of current YPC membership
  • Plan membership drives

Chair: Membership@ypcolumbus.org

Professional Development Committee

  • Plan and execute professional networking events, classes, seminars, and guest speakers
  • Foster connections of YPC members with a variety of leaders in the Columbus community including business, philanthropic, academic, and political communities

 Chair: Professional_development@ypcolumbus.org

Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Promote YPC to potential members through print, online, and relationship based marketing 
  • Maintain the YPC website, coordinate monthly E-Newsletter, and maintain social media pages
  • Cultivate relationships with media outlets, colleges and universities, human resource departments, and other YP group leaders
  • This committee works closely with all other committees to make sure information is accurate and current

Chair: Marketing_comm@ypcolumbus.org

PR and Sponsorship Committee

  • Identify corporate sponsorship opportunities in the Columbus area that align with the YPC mission, vision and values and be committed to developing future leaders in Central Ohio. 
  • Cultivate relationships and create partnerships with the corporate community

Chair: Development@ypcolumbus.org

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